Our Process is Life-Changing

Most of the beliefs and stories that drive our choices and actions are from unconscious material  adopted from others in childhood. The wounds are handed down generation to generation.  Peer-Pods helps to break this chain of suffering. The work of becoming aware and skillful, is largely the work of resolving and reframing these unconscious stories and beliefs. At Peer-Pods, we work to find, clear, and reframe these unconscious stories so that we may live unencumbered by the past.

Peer-Pods is an effective long-term renewal and resilience-building practice. Our sessions and courses are led by experts in healing methods including inner child work, meditation, visualizations, authentic connection, and more.

Working with Peer-Pods will:

  • Provide a safe and sacred space with an effective process to do your healing work each week during a one hour phone/video call

  • Dramatically increase your self-awareness and increase your capacity for authenticity, intimacy, integrity, and trust.

  • Fast-forward your personal evolution, your relationship skills, your courage, and your personal power.

  • Provide ongoing accountability to support the integration of your insights.

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Sign up for the 7-week program which includes a guided course and your very own 3-person healing team. Together, you will learn how to heal yourself and others simultaniously through modules such as inner child work, visualizations, and authentic human connection. Cost is only 3 payments of $275. Sign up today to start your healing journey!
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"Peer-Pods is an inspired gift from source, and before it came in, I did not have a comprehensive practice."

Hi, I'm Joe, your guide at Peer-Pods. Before developing Peer-Pods in 2014, I have been a Wharton Graduate, lifelong entrepreneur, a student of human potential, psychology, spirituality, yoga, meta physics, and shamanism.  I have also participated in the Mankind Project (MKP) for 18 years, and have been a student of shamanism for 20 years.

I saw that the great untapped potential within the average person could be liberated and developed if they had a place and a practice to help them separate from the childhood identity that keeps so many stuck in a victim mentality.  Peer-Pods provides the functional initiation into adult spiritual life that has been lost for centuries.


  • 1) What is a Peer-Pod?

    It’s a Revolutionary Healing Platform that will speed up your personal evolution and build conscious community. We teach you how the process works and then you “work it” with two other Pod Mates on a one hour phone call once a week. The practice helps you clear what is blocking or triggering you and enables you to develop your unique gifts more rapidly. Participants say results are much more focused than traditional recovery programs and that they experience positive benefits much faster. Peer-Pods is much less expensive than traditional talk therapy.

  • 2) Who is Peer-Pods for?

    Peer-Pods is a practice designed to speed recovery from harmful patterns, build a renewal practice, and develope personal resilience, the capacity to thrive in adversity. There are several peer groups we have focused on. They are: a) Professional therapists, social workers, doctors, nurses, and professional healers from integrative medicing specialties. b) Individuals in Recovery, not just from addictions and other negative patterns but those in recovery from illness, loss, or major life trauma like death, divorce, major depression or anxiety. c) Adult Children of Alcoholics and Addicts - Those challenged with Adverse Childhood Experiences that have led to negative patterns as coping strategies. d) Institutions who want to provide Peer-Pods to their employees, members or clients.

  • 3) How does Peer-Pods work?

    Three people supporting each other to thrive, heal, and grow meet on a phone call once a week. Three Pod Mates play roles for each other as “worker, facilitator, & witness.” You learn to effectively partner with the Inner Healer to heal and grow. You learn clearing, reclaiming, integrating at your own pace. This is a new recovery tool more focused and efficient than other methods. Peer-Pods is a revolutionary form of relationship that is a “seed of community.”

  • 4) What are the benefits?

    Pod Mates experience deep healing in an efficient process to reclaim and integrate disowned parts. You quickly clear blocks that have been obstacles for years and in a safe and sacred container. The originating events that stimulate the need for a "work around" are reframed and the need to "seek relief" dissolves. Thus, the need for an addictive or compulsive behavior dissolves. You have a direct healing experience of The Inner Healer every week. You have intimacy without romantic entanglement. A Peer-Pod is the seed of community and teaches us how to accept ourselves and be of service to others for the common good. This practice speeds personal and collective evolution. Suffering diminishes and peace and empowerment expand.

  • 5) How Does It Work?

    Peer-Pods is an ongoing practice that starts with identifying what provokes or triggers you. Once these triggers are identified the Peer-Pod’s Process is applied to the triggers to dissolve the painful patterns connected to the triggers. The process uses everyday experiences of being triggered to clear unconscious material. The more you clear, the more present and heart engaged you become, and the less you suffer. The process is learned through the Member Training where you role-play being facilitator, witness, and worker. The learned process is then implemented weekly on the one hour Pod call.